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There is no question that moving can be stressful, here are some tips that will help make your next move a successful one. Although these moving tips are meant for those living in or around the Anderson, CA area, these tips can be utilized regardless of your location.
Before we start, most of these tips will only help if you make time to get properly organized (so do not wait until the last minute, or do not let yourself get distracted).
1.) When packing boxes, make sure you pack your boxes according to what room or area of the living space the items belong to.
2.) Keep an inventory of what you are packing into your boxes and label each box according to your inventory list (ex: Box 1, Box 2..ect). This will help you when you unpack so you can easily unload your boxes into the perspective rooms that they belong.
3.) During your moving process, take this opportunity to de-clutter and donate or trash any items that you no longer need.
4.) Reserve your moving truck well in advance and make sure you reserve the right size moving truck for your move. Not only will this save you money (by not renting a bigger truck than needed or too small of a truck that will require multiple trips). But you will also save yourself some stress by not having to scramble last minute to find a moving truck for your move.
5.) Don’t be afraid to utilize self storage for items that you do not necessarily want to get rid of, but dont want to move into your new living space either. Utilizing self storage will give you the opportunity to sort through your items that you might be able to sell, donate or give away.